Joe Paladino

Prater's compensation in 2010:

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[QUOTE=William Dowden;825383]This link probably won't work due to it being in the members only section, which is password protected.


Although, it's not overly difficult to find, it does show Moak's compensation year to date as of Sept 30th, 2013 is $319,405.00. So, yes, he's on schedule to break the $400K mark.

If the above link didn't work for you. Go to the ALPA website, go to view all committees and departments (at the very top of the page), then scroll down to "officer and national committee compensation reports" then pick who you want to look up.

William Dowden[/QUOTE]
What about his expense account, living allowance, ALPA retirement, fringe paid to his airline? The $400k in salary doesn't disclose the full picture IMHO.