Victor Sabattini

My Rep would like to Clarify his Statement

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[QUOTE=Victor Sabattini;738569]We as a group of pilots have always jumped on the first offer( not me....I have always voted NO ). After voting in a previous first offer contract, Bethune said " you guys left a lot of money on the table." ( He was trying to give us s hint). Management has a line in the sand, and also has the first BS offer that they are going to send us first because they believe ( because we always have ) that we will jump on it . We owe it to our families,our fellow pilots and ourselves to vote the first insult down and hold out for the real offer. No reasonable retro offer.....No Delta plus a dollar..... IS A NO VOTE. I am tired of of being a part of a group of pilots that vote out of fear because some corrupt ass union leader, who is gonna to get a management job, piece of s--- , has sold fear instead of getting us a contract that sells itself . A NO vote will show this self indulgent management team that we ARE UNITED as pilots and that the days of us voting in BS contracts working more and getting less while they make the most this industry has to offer are over.[/QUOTE]